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LiberaToe Pedal & Module

Normally, if you use one or more of the overdrive, boost, or distortion, and use space-time effects such as delay and chorus, you will have at least four pedals to add the burden buying and housing additional gear on your pedalboard.

Using just two pedals (Blue Crow and Robofish), you can play any combination between clean Overdrive, crunchy Distortion or boosted Distortion, together with combinations of Chorus, Tremolo and Delay.


This configuration allows you to digest most genres since Blue Crow is versatile to drive sound while Robofish has a simple programmable loop that supports dual channel and three loops per channel.

Replacing the drive with a higher or lower gain LiberaToe pedal instead of Blue Crow, or replacing Robofish with  individual space-time LiberaToe pedals, you can cover other finer genres (jazz, metal, etc)

As another examples of a LiberaToe pedal combination, Gnavatar splits and merges signals from existing pedals, whereas Baron Ashura, a compressor and noise reduction is at the front of the chain, and then Proud Adams Fuzz and Envelope filter may be added.

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 10.35.13

Bass-specialized Holy Belly Equalizer and Boost together with Baron Ashura or Proud Adams is another great combination. If you add Gnavatar or Bentham bass overdrive, or BearAss integrated Fuzz and Compressor, the set becomes the best configuration of analog bass effects.


To achieve the effect of entire sound mastering, as exists in a studio and along with a reverb effect on an existing pedal board, you simply can add Brever to the end of the effects chain. The reverb-only dual channel selection gives you the options from light reverb to deeper spatial reverberation. Brever also provides a mastering effect alone or in combination with the reverb, so that you can enjoy the benefits like those supported by a studio engineer.

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 10.42.49

Sometimes you may want to relocate the effects on a pedal board and for many reasons. You don't have to be bothered by tedious detachment of patch cables, power cables, and also Velcro tapes. Just take out the modules from the shell and then insert a different one. All you need is a small screw driver, but the modules do fit into place very snugly for quick changes. The main concern is cross-compatibility between shells and platforms that share our modules. With LiberaToe, you can enjoy all we have to offer, whether using our state-of-the-art pedalboard systems as a main or sub-board, adding other music gear, or even one of our single pedals (shell).

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