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About LiberaToe

Pursuing a better tomorrow for musicians




Since 2015, LiberaToe has reflected on the past works of custom requirements from North American and European players to establish real musician needs and particularly during gigs. Our findings have concluded the following:

  1) Unique texture and warm analog sounds that expresses picking nuance optimally

  2) Flexible preset function to handle any combination of effects immediately

  3) Multi channel support for each effect or effect combo

  4) Portability and easily relocatable structure

We knew the above demands could be applied to analog based multi-effects, and so, we developed  dual channels for our analog effects, and began research and technical analysis to come to the conclusion that the implementation of features musicians want require integrated system engineering, software development and hardware design, as well as analog circuit development & optimization.



An analog pedal developer, an ex-IBM system engineering consultant, an ex-Samsung chief IT designer and an ex-Apple engineer became the LiberaToe team, experts from Europe, North America, and Asia who agreed to create innovative effects that do not exist elsewhere in the industry.


After an initial development, the prototype was exhibited at the 2017 & 2019 NAMM Show where fanatic feedback was received from many players. The possibility of success by combining new technologies with analog effects was confirmed.

Through five years of research and development, we launched dual channel effects pedals and integrated platforms.
LiberaToe solves the problem of heavy, complicated, and inconvenient pedalboards while keeping uncompromising analog sound.

Guitarists aren't just busy with fingers. Their feet are constantly busy as they also have to deal with several effects simultaneously to keep up with every-changing sounds. Consequently, professional musicians are more likely to implement  
a programmable loop to switch between multiple effects more effortlessly. To devote more focus  to the fingers quality performance, foot activity should be less distracting and more fluid. Thus, LiberaToe was created to allow freedom(Latin = Libera) on the feet (Toe).

With this concept in mind, LiberaToe has three product lines: Platforms, Pedals & Modules, and Switchers. LiberaToe product lines provide one-of-a-kind functions and organic sound quality that allow guitarists to focus on performance.

LiberaToe products are made by both craftsmen and automation. We strive to use eco-friendly and biodegradable materials for environmental sustainability. 

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