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T1. Torpedo-1 Tremolo and Boost (PF011)

Torpedo-1 Tremolo reproduces the vintage analog tremolo tone of a 60's amp. As the speed, depth, and waveform controls can be dialed for each of the two channels independently, Torpedo-1 Tremolo provides real-time selection of different settings that conventional analogue tremolos have not been able to achieve to date. In addition, the clean boost - which encompasses the vintage clean tone replicated from the tremolo tone - enables you to boost the spatial effects, and its inverter function can be utilized within the effect chain when a change of phase is desired. These boost and invert functions help boost the input signal cleanly rather than overdriving the amplifier, and their rear-end positioning within the chain allows the optimal application of Torpedo-1 Tremolo.

Torpedo-1 Tremolo is recommend for those who want to play on two channels with different level and waveform as well as speed and depth based on vintage tremolo tones, for those who need versatile functions like tremolo, small boost or phase shift, for those who want to create a variety of tones on a small pedal board.

Alter Ego
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T2. Alter Ego Delay (PF031)

Alter Ego Delay is a perfect reincarnation of a Tape Echo's warm vintage delay. Two channels, Short Delay and Long Delay, allow you to select different delay times, repeats, and mix amounts in real time. The dual delay function allows you to mix in parallel or serialize repeating sounds from long and short channels to create unique effect. Mix in parallel is the notable feature which renders great sense of space since it behaves like a stereo delay on a single amplifier. In addition, tails are provided either between the two channels, or for the long delay channel depending on the need. You may adjust the delay in real time using the tap tempo by separate switch. The tap tempo is also adjustable using the foot switch incorporated in the LiberaToe platforms.

If you want a warm vintage delay tone of tape echo based on a transparent bypass with less coloration, either want to play with two channels with different delay time, repeat count, and mix amount, or want to sometimes use a long delay time over the tape echo, and also if you want semi-stereo effects for plentiful spatial sense with a single amp, Alter Ego Delay is recommended.


* When external momentary switch cable is plugged in the round jack on the top, Delay 2 time can be adjusted by its tap action.

* When Platform tap toggle is up, Delay 2 time can be also dialed by Tap Tempo foot switch in the LiberaToe platforms, such as LiberaToe-6, LiberaToe-4.

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T3. Copernicus Chorus (PF041)

Copernicus Chorus is a modulation effects that brings the classic 80's chorus to life. With all the adjustable elements in the chorus, you can mix the original and modulated notes as you like, or tweak the tone of the end-mixed notes to cover them from dim to sharp tones. Copernicus Chorus is also equipped with a level to compensate for unwanted volume fluctuations that often occur when a dirty series is placed at the front, maintaining a uniform volume level. Like other products in the LiberaToe series, it supports dual channel, allowing you to choose different speeds and rumbles. The indicator LED flashes according to the speed and supports a wide range of modulation effects, from vibrato to deeper chorus.

For those who want a warm vintage tone of the classic chorus based on a transparent bypass with less coloration, but want to play on two channels with different modulation speeds and depths, and for those who want to make more precise chorus sound by adjusting mix and level as well as tone in addition, for those who want to create a wide variety of tones on a small pedal board, Copernicus chorus is recommended.

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T4. Brever Reverb and Enhancer (PF111)

Brever Reverb reproduces the classic spring reverb band that was built into the 60s vintage tube amps, while offering dual channel as other products of the LiberaToe series. Each channel is equipped with two knobs, allowing you to adjust the amount of the reverb wet sound and overall volume. Using this function, you can match the volume level with other effects in front. At the same time, Reverb Channel 1 adds a Decay pot for adjusting the reverb time, a tone pot for adjusting the wet tone without changing original signal, and a last-level tone make-up to the amplifier by the Enhancer, taking advantage of the reverb at the end of the signal chain. This makes it possible to enjoy the semi mastering work on stage as if it was the final stage of studio recording, on the red channel. Depending on the selection of toggle switch in this heterogeneous effects, you can finally master the entire tone, either alone or behind the reverb.

For those who want to create more precise analog reverb tones with the Decay and Tone knobs, which are not commonly found in the pedal type, for those who want to use two channels with different reverb settings, and for those who want a mastering function to tune the frequencies as a whole, and for those who want to create various sounds on a small pedal board using a pedal with two different functions, Brever Reverb is recommended as a heterogeneous dual channel effect.

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T5. Robofish Multi-effects (PF131)

Robofish is the world's smallest analog multi-effects featuring delay, tremolo, and chorus in a tiny programmable loop. Three frequently used spatial-temporal analog effects can be set on green or red channels, respectively as required. Therefore, two pre-sets among seven cases - with the exception of the bypass - can be used simultaneously, hence 49 combination is possible. In these pre-sets, the delay tails feature is activated, tremolo achieves a fairly high speed, and the chorus has a wide range of application, from vibrato to deep throb chorus depending on the Rate and Depth knob settings. In addition, very extreme tones can be produced if set after 4 o'clock. Preset setting has been intuitively designed for simple operation, by just turning up corresponding bars on the two DIP switch units each for green and red channels respectively.

For those who want to use three types of effects - delay, chorus, and tremolo in an analog pedal, and those who want to easily set various combinations of two channels, and those who want the tails of delay in this pedal, Robofish multi-effects is recommended.

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T6. Pascal Phaser (PF191)

By using LiberaToe’s unique dual channel structure and modernizing the conventional system based on several toggle switches, Pascal Phaser has simplified the process of maximizing the use of complex and subtle phase effect. In other words, it is possible to select the six most popular pre-sets through the combination of one 3-positions toggle switch and double channels, rather than having to combine numerous toggle switches and potentiometers. With the single toggle switch, you can control virtually any effects that phase modulation can achieve, from vintage phaser to vibrato and tremolo, as well as very slow or fast Leslie speaker effects. Like other spatial-time effects in the LiberaToe series, levels can be adjusted per channel, allowing you to maintain levels as desired when multiple effects are engaged within the chain.

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