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LiberaToe Pedal & Module

Many guitar amplifiers have two or more channels, and their structure is high quality based on analogue circuitry. In the world of analogue effects, almost all products have supported a single channel, e.g., an overdrive with basic gain, tone,and level controls. Though some products support two channels, a channel selection switch is added to incur an increase in production costs (that the customer incurs), weight, and surface area (necessitating a large pedalboard).


This is because technically effects and control have been implemented in analogue only or digitally only. Since digital effects processes and sound are controlled by way of software, many functions can be implemented at a low cost. However, the unique picking dynamics provided by analogue circuitry reproduces the feeling and technique of the performer far better, and especially playing live. It is well known that digital devices do not emulate picking dynamics very well.

The development of LiberaToe integrated technology is supported by a global team, with experts from a wide range of fields, including analogue sound engineering, signal routing control with embedded software, and precise hardware design.

Internally, the embedded software, which is a digital technology, works as it should, but the user experience is thoroughly emersed within the analogue. Consequently, the intuitive usability of the knobs that can be tweaked immediately and the familiar footing of the analogue devices that keep the pushing foot switch intact are natural behavior in using the analog gears.


Every LiberaToe pedal has dual-channel functionality, just like a tube amplifier, while adopting an analog  circuits that allow players to enjoy picking sensitivity. In the case of overdrive, a set of gain, tone, and level knobs operate the green channel, whereas a different set of gain, tone, and level knobs operate the red channel. And with some of our overdrive pedals having a TMB tone stack, we included an important middle control, e.g., a channel with an adjustable middle knob and the other channel with a fixed mids.


We have integrated dual-channel technology in both our homogeneous effects and heterogeneous effects. By considering the number and types of instances that an effect could be used, e.g., using a separation or a combination of 60's vintage Fuzz and Envelope Filter, you can use the two-stage or three-stage toggle to convert the desired combination into two channels for unique combinations and operation.

Therefore, in addition to the selection between A / B channels, some pedals provide functions of A-> B (in series), or A // B (in parallel). 


In order to produce such a wide variety of sounds, circuits requiring high voltages and high currents have been developed, instead of low-current 9V power. Unlike low-cost devices that typically provide 5~10mA current by boosting 9V to 18V, all LiberaToe pedals are designed to utilize up to 500mA current for both 9V and 18V power (to do this, use a power adapter with sufficient current capacity).

Our foot switch handles both on/off and channel switching since the switching mechanism has been implemented by combining relay and micro control. With the embedded software, the dual channel pedal takes advantage of controlling more than one aspect. In stock mode, you turn on or off (bypass) the effect by pushing and releasing the foot switch immediately as usual, or changing the channel by holding the foot switch for 0.4 seconds. On the other hand, some players want to toggle quickly between channels, and so, we developed a channel mode. In channel mode behaves oppositely, so that you can change the channel by a quick short push, while turning the pedal on/off with holding for 0.4 seconds.

LiberaToe Pedals implement True Bypass equipped with a high-quality gold-clad relay to bypass the original sound signal faithfully.

In addition, due to the nature of the pedals equipped with control knobs, toggle switches and foot switches,

a rail has been mounted to separate the foot switch from the control knobs/toggle switch to prevent  unintentional changes when pushing a foot switch.

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