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LiberaToe-S is a Shell to hold one module. Analog module can be plugged in the slot that supports dual channel which can be selected or switched each other by foot switch. With a Shell, you can use a module stand-alone as like a pedal. When you set up a pedalboard with Shells, it will be much easier to relocate the effects in the signal chain depending on the requirements. You are free from plugging/unplugging and cables/velcros.

• Pure analog path, true bypass
• A slot for pluggable module

• dual channel support
• Changeable foot switching modes – stock mode (hold for channel exchange) and channel mode (hold for bypass)
• Dual internal power of 9V &18V
• Voltage boost to 18V internally for 500mA current
• DC 9V (center negative) power input
• Precision custom aluminium alloy anodized enclosure
• 2.83"x5.1"x2.2" (72x130x55mm), 0.56lbs (253g)

(When you use Shells together with pedal connections in the LiberaToe-6 or –4, you would quadruple the number of single channel loops virtually thanks to dual channel feature. For example, LiberaToe-4 holding 4 pedal connections, results in 16 channels.

LiberaToe-S (Shell)

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