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Frequently Asked Questions

LiberaToe Pedal & Module

Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions.

If you have a question that you can't find answer to, please use the Contact Us page. 

Q1) Can I input 18V instead of 9V for the power?

No, you cannot; 9V only. LiberaToe pedal boosts 9V internally to make 18V. Please use DC 9V (center-negative) power source with enough current (power requirements found in each unit's manual).

Q2) Is there any way to add one more foot switch to have two?

Sorry, but you can only use the installed foot switch. Making our pedalboard systems larger and heavier is not our purpose. However, if you want footswitch options that behave between factory default (short-push for on/off, long-push for channel switching) and custom setting (short-push for channel switching, long-push for on/off), you can switch between the two  by pushing the foot switch for more than 4 seconds.

Q3) Is the circuit identical between the tones of your stand-alone pedals as opposed to that of a module in a LiberaToe pedalboard system?

Yes, pedals have same circuit as modules, since to have a stand-alone pedal, our modules simply insert into a shell (or casing).  See Q5.

Q4) Can I take pedal’s top circuit out from its shell and use it as like a module for platforms?

Yes, you can do it easily yourself. But just in case of that the top circuit(module) doesn't include an aluminium base (some earlier versions don't have it), we don’t recommend the transformation by yourself. There are some 3rd party services to do it for you.


You can all LiberaToe modules on any LiberaToe platforms as well as in a shell. This relocatable feature can get you advantages such like tone consistency between main board and sub-board, making up the board totable, by packing selected modules for a gig.


LiberaToe-S is a Shell to hold one module. Analog module can be plugged in the slot that supports dual channel which can be selected or switched each other by foot switch. With a Shell, you can use a module stand-alone as like a pedal. When you set up a pedalboard with Shells, it will be much easier to relocate the effects in the signal chain depending on the requirements. You are free from plugging/unplugging and cables/velcros.

Q5) Can I reuse the shell by taking out one pedal module circuit and inserting a different one?

Almost yes. But since some modules have different voltages, some are not fully interchaneable and the following should be considered: e.g., The pedal shell for Proud Adams and MonkHawk has a different voltage and current requirement, and can not operate Alter Ego, Camus, Fire Sword, Wrecker Valve, Robofish, Gnavatar, Darwin, or Iron Rod.

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