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Frequently Asked Questions

LiberaToe Pedal & Module

Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions.

If you have a question that you can't find answer to, please use the Contact us page. 

Q1) Can I input 18V instead of 9V for the power?

No, you can’t do, just use 9V. LiberaToe pedal boosts 9V internally to make 18V. Please use DC 9V (center-negative) power source with enough current of which you can find the requirement at the manual.

Q2) Is there any way to add one more foot switch to have two?

Sorry, but you can only use the installed foot switch. Making pedalboard larger and heavier is not our purpose. However in case of that you want options of the foot switch behavior between factory default (short-push for on/off, long-push for channel switching) and custom setting (short-push for channel switching, long-push for on/off), you can switch between the two each other by pushing the foot switch for more than 4 seconds anytime.

Q3) Is the circuit identical between pedal’s one and module’s one?

Yes, pedals have same circuit as modules. But there is consideration relevant to shell, please see Q5.

Q4) Can I take pedal’s top circuit out and use it as like a module for platforms?

Yes just in case of that the top circuit is packaged in aluminium bottom case. If you don't find wrapping bottom case, we don’t recommend the transformation by yourself. There are some 3rd party services to do it for you.

Q5) Can I reuse the shell taken out a pedal top circuit to insert different one in?

Almost yes. But as the pedals each use different voltages, some are not compatible each other. Below should be considered.

 - Pedal shell for ProudAnus and MonkHawk can't run pedal top (or module) of Alter Ego, Camus, Fire Sword, Wrecker Valve, Robofish, Gnavatar, Darwin, Iron Rod due to different voltage & current requirement.

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