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LiberaToe Platform Series

Integrating Analog Property and Control Innovation

It is not easy for most of guitarists and bassists to choose between Multi-Effects having flexibility in routing control due to digital technology, or Boutique Pedals having decent sonic quality thanks to analog circuitry. And so, the question is, are there ways to combine these two rigs concepts and their advantages into one? 

Why do we go wild about boutique pedals? As boutique pedals work independently, guitarist may allocate them wherever they want within a signal chain. This action brings combinations that stimulate our desire for the best sound. But the most important reason for the popularity comes from natural touch sensitive properties that analog circuits have intrinsically.

The LiberaToe platform comprises a series of multiple-effects, providing a distinctive experience with modular tone diversity based on legendary vintage effects and custom-designed modern ones.

Also, you will be able to play effortlessly with controls for routing different channels.

Solving Unrecognized Inconvenience

Our goal is to resolve playing issues and inconveniences that have not been recognized – or at least addressed. Among many interactions with diverse players, we have come to define the inevitable issues that users are suffering with until now:

  • Complexity of multi-effects

  • Tap dancing at the pedalboard

  • Single channel limit in tone selection

  • Difficulties of replacing pedals or changing signal route

  • Pedalboard getting larger and heavier

  • Too digital or outdated technology

We adopted system engineering that incorporates analog circuit optimization, with embedded software, gold-plating, better substitution of obsoleted devices etc, to settle issues that guitarists cannot avoid. Our objective is to continually invent new solutions to increase comport and ease of operation, so that musicians can focus on playing music.

You can go beyond your dreams with LiberaToe’s integrated features, based on patented technologies, as well as tens-of-modernized dual channel effects. LiberaToe will be a great companion in your music journey.

Migration Path Compatibility, Transformation, Scalability & Expandability

You may be a pioneer, an early adopter, a tech-savvy, a technophile, a minimalist, a conservative, a technophobic, or an analog person. We respect the diverse values you pursue, LiberaToe now allows you to experience the world of analog with digital-ease-of-use. Compatibility, transformation and scalability provide a seamless migration path to help protect your investment. Experience a new world at every entry point provided by our individual stomp boxes, as well as platforms with integrated modules.

Open system


We value diversity, since all musicians create different sounds. To assist in the enjoyment of your individuality and the music you craft, we continue to share, listen and collaborate with effect-techies, and as we build friendships that have become a family.

Please click below to find out more about LiberaToe Platform Series.

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