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LiberaToe-4 platform is a totable analog multi-effects modular solution(or a switching solution as a programmable loop) for both guitar and bass. Fully analog circuit-based modules(or pedals) can be freely plugged in the 4 slots(or loops) that support dual channel each. Easy-to-use routing modes enable each module(or pedal) to work as a dual channel pedal individually or to work as a sole. These two modes can be used simultaneously in the specially designed 3rd mode, Ambidextrous mode.


Signal path change between serial and split &merge can be also accomplished dynamically by a preset. The integrated solution replaces complex pedal board with the complete compact system (or provides comprehensive programmable loop switching).



  •  Pure analog path &circuit
  •  3 signal routing modes including patented technology
  •  4 slots(or loops) for pluggable modules(or pedals)
  •  Dual channel support per slot(or loop)
  •  4 + 4 programmable presets
  •  Parallel path controllable by a preset
  •  Scalability up to 10 slots(or loops) with LiberaToe-6/6L (to be released)
  •  Specially designed built-in buffers at 3 locations
  •  Auxiliary DC outputs (in a switcher)
  •  External switch connection support, including time control for tap tempo enabled module

LiberaToe-4 (Platform only, Modules excluded)

SKU: TP04123wC1
  • Item location:

    South Korea


    Estimated delivery time :

    North America,  5 - 6 Business days

    South America,  6 - 7 Business days

    Europe,  5 - 6  Business days

    Asia,  2 - 4 Business days


    Warranty : 

    All LiberaToe products come with a 3-year warranty from the date of manufacture. During this period, all the internal parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Damages caused by misuse or improper handling by the buyer are not in this warranty.

  • The modules in the picture are not included with the product and can be purchased separately.

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