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The Dalgona Switcher is an automatic loop switcher and multi-functional junction box that switches 3+2 effects based on pure analog true bypass.

5 functions in a box!

a) 3+2 automatic switcher – as a professional without tapdance

b) 4CM junction box – converted to 4CM by one switch flip

c) Amp selector – one guitar to upto 4 amps

d) Guitar selector – one amp to upto 5 guitars

e) Match maker – match between 3 guitars and 3 amps

Dalgona Switcher

SKU: DF01125wC1
  • Item location:

    South Korea


    Estimated delivery time :

    North America,  5 - 6 Business days

    South America,  6 - 7 Business days

    Europe,  5 - 6  Business days

    Asia,  2 - 4 Business days


    Warranty : 

    All LiberaToe products come with a 3-year warranty from the date of manufacture. During this period, all the internal parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Damages caused by misuse or improper handling by the buyer are not in this warranty.

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