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All of the LiberaToe pedals(Modules) feature dual channel, which are rarely found in conventional pedals. Some of them adopt heterogeneous dual channel which provide two different effects, the others feature homogeneous dual channel which have identical effects.

Dual Channel: In addition to the A / B (selection), some pedals offer a variety of uses, such as A-> B (in series) or A // B (in parallel).

Analog effect: According to each purpose, different technologies were adopted so that sound effect is handled by analogue circuitry and only the signal routing function is controlled by the embedded software.

True Bypass: It is equipped with a gold-clad relay to faithfully output the original signal as it is in bypass.

Double Power: Both 9V and 18V are available for each purpose. 18V, which is made by boosting the 9V input, is rated up to 500mA current, unlike ordinary low-cost step-up devices having a limit of 10mA.

Guard rail: Rail is fitted to protect the knobs and toggle switches from the foot movement.

Pedals for Gain Group

  • Item location:

    South Korea


    Estimated delivery time :

    North America,  5 - 6 Business days

    South America,  6 - 7 Business days

    Europe,  5 - 6  Business days

    Asia,  2 - 4 Business days


    Warranty : 

    All LiberaToe products come with a 3-year warranty from the date of manufacture. During this period, all the internal parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Damages caused by misuse or improper handling by the buyer are not in this warranty.

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