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BREVER - Dual Channel Spring Reverb + Enhancer

Brever may be as close as it gets to an actual amp spring reverb. Now, I am basing my opinion on other reverbs in my studio, although all are digital and not analog, like Brever. As with other LiberaToe pedals, Brever is dual channel, which can mean a few things. First, be aware that this also is a dual-mode pedal, in that it offers reverb and an enhancer. The enhancer is like adding a broader range to the tone, which further amplifies the reverb; it also provides a clean boost, depending on where you set it.

Creating channel combinations is controlled by a three-way toggle switch. In the ‘up’ position, Green channel (1) is dedicated to Reverb, whereas Red channel (2) is the Enhancer without reverb. In the ‘middle’ switch position, both Green & Red channels are Reverb (which can be set differently). In the ‘down’ switch position, Green is dedicated to Reverb and Red has both Reverb + Enhancer.

The Green channel has a separate set of controls from the Red Channel. The Green has a Level, a Reverb (mix), a Decay and a Tone. The Red channel’s controls are more basic, including Level and Reverb. The two other knobs (colored Red) are the EQs (High & Low) for the Enhancer.

You change channels by holding the footswitch for about a half-second, whereas turning the unit off requires a typical quick stomp on the footswitch. When Brever is re-engaged, the last channel on previously will be the channel returned (if it’s Red when you shut off, then Red comes back on). If you want a different channel, hold down the footswitch for a half-second, to both turn Brever on and to switch channels (e.g., to Green).

Brever has some obvious uses, including Surf Rock, 50s style Rock and Country. But don’t forget Psychedelic and Stoner Rock, since using a reverb provides an air of spaciness and ambience. A spring reverb is ideal for such an application, as I demoed in the accompanying video. Brever certainly fits the bill, as this wonderful sounding reverb can range from ‘in the room’ to ‘cavernous,’ and it sounds superb.

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