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LOST GERBIL - Distortion + Overdrive Stack Combo

Lost Gerbil is the latest dual-channel pedal from Liberatoe, and it combines a classic combo – The top selling overdrive and distortion that were released in 1979. On the red channel is a screamer of an overdrive, whereas the green channel has a ratty distortion. And if that wasn’t enough, you can stack the two (also on the red channel with the ‘channel toggle’ selected properly).

Both drive and distortion have their usual controls, of volume and gain. The OD has an Edge knob, which is like a presence or treble in some respects, but it tends to sharpen or define the notes generally speaking. The distortion has a Tone knob. So far, a number of tones and sound qualities are possible, but the distortion has other features. The first is being able to choose between Silicon (brighter) or Germanium (warmer) gain; the second is choosing between a soft symmetrical clipping, or a more edgy asymmetrical clipping.

The overdrive sits very well with both clean and hi-gain amps, whereas the distortion sounds clearer and will clean up better with single-coils and a clean amp. Having said that, the first demo is with humbuckers, and it sounds great in all respects, whereas the second demo uses single-coils. When running the distortion with a hi-gain amp, simply keep the gain on both amp and pedals somewhat low, and they get along well.

If this wasn’t enough, there’s a Mid trim pot that ranges from Classic to Modern, whereby the latter has more edge and mid-range prominence. If you’re going after classic rock and metal, then turn it all the way to the right, whereas a progressively more modern flavor would result in the trim pot being turned to the left and to suit one’s taste. For the green channel, this results in the screamer OD ranging from a typical ratty mid-hump to completely flat (or anywhere between), something not typical with a Screamer.

Now, there are many screamer and rat clones on the market, but few combine the two with various possible sculpting parameters, and with the potential to stack the two. But what really makes the Lost Gerbil shine is its core LM308N chip, which is genuine to the original electronics, and without slight variations that are common in the market. This results in authentic tones of two pedals under one chassis, and with added features with the ability to stack and affect the mid-hump. A fantastic rock combination at a price less than purchasing the two individually (and while saving pedal board space). Lost Gerbil retails for $182.42 USD, whereas the module alone (which works with the 4- and 6-Platform System is $115.88 USD. A very reasonable price in either instance, and particularly for two classic pedals in one that can be stacked.

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