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Two channel overdrive with a boost toggle.
Specialized in blues & hard rock.

MonkHawk Overdrive is specialized in Blues and Hard Rock. The crunch tone, which occurs naturally in the clean channel of a tube amplifier without its own gain channel, is implemented in analog to add the unique crispy voice of the Blues tone, while preserving the sound quality of the guitar. Like other products in the LiberaToe series, it supports dual channel, therefore two sets of level, tone and gain can be used for various purposes such as backing and solo. The boost control can also be adjusted in order to boost the frequency of the high pitch range or across the entire frequency range. With the combination of optional boost feature and toggle switch, you are able to choose a total of 4 types of gain tones on the two channels.

MonkHawk Overdrive is recommended to all of those who want to create a wide variety of tones on a small pedal board, for those who like soft grainy gain, for those who play blues and jazz, and for those who want to choose two channels out of a combination of four tones including boost.

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