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Free your toe, and your tone will follow!

LiberaToe Platform Series




Analog and Digital

We know that analog sound is superior to digital, and LiberaToe maintains genuine analog tone with true-bypass. But we have not abandoned digital technology, which has been used for routing control for edit-ability and flexibility. In other words, the right technology in right place catches two birds. 

Dual Channel

Since most amps have adopted multi-channels, why not implement the same concept in effects? By doing so, you can select the tone between rhythm and solo, delay time between short and long, and also routing between A/B (selection) and A->B (in series) or A//B (in parallel), and only with LiberaToe pedals.


Spaghetti cabling is not a must. Enjoy Tetris as a game, but this shuffling is not ideal for effects. When working with modules, you simply have to remove and insert where you want each effect within the chain.

Combine Ad-hoc Switching and Presets 

You do not have to suffer from inflexible presets, or that each preset needs to be pre-programmed beforehand. LiberaToe allows you to take advantages of both program-ability and immediate switching.


Players now can enjoy the harmonic cooperation between other pedals and LiberaToe technology. Yes, you can use your pedals within a LiberaToe platform, making it the world’s first system that integrates pedals and modules.

Weight of a Guitar

A musician's guitar is the most important piece of equipment, and peripherals should not have to be heavier than a guitarist's most essential aspect, the instrument. At less than 7.72 lbs (3.5 kg), a fully loaded LiberaToe modular system makes practical sense, besides streamlining and simplifying gear requirements.

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