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LiberaToe Platform Series




Analog and digital

No more explanation required for Analog. Just keep genuine Analog on signal path and of course True-bypass. Digital technology has been used for routing control which resulted in edit-ability and flexibility. Right technology right place catches two birds.

Dual Channel

As the amps adopt multi-channels, effects also deserve to double the choice. You may select the tone between backing and solo, delay time between short and long for examples, and also routing between A/B(selection) and A->B (in series) or A//B (in parallel).


Spaghetti cabling is not a must. Enjoy Tetris as a game, but not for effects reshuffling. A few minutes should be enough for (re)configuration.

Combine Ad-hoc Switching and Presets 

 You don't have to suffer from inflexible presets any more that all the cases need to be pre-programmed beforehand. You can take advantages of both program-ability and immediate switching.


Players may enjoy the harmonic cooperation between the other pedals and LiberaToe products family. World first relocatable feature lets you share the modules between pedals and platforms.

Not Heavier Than A Guitar

Guitar is the most important. Peripherals don't have to be heavier than the core. Less than 7.72 lbs(3.5kg) is pursued.

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